How to add Gold to your space

If there is one colour that I absolutely, totally love when it comes to home decor, it is the mighty Gold. It not only adds richness to a space but also brings warmth it. Besides, there are so many different hues in Gold that there is a perfect shade for every type of decor. So let’s look at the different ways of incorporating this beautiful colour in your home.

Brass Vignettes – If you have a traditional Indian home, there is nothing better than adding items of brass to your space. You can find so many intricate and beautiful brass products in the market that choosing one may become challenging. I, personally, look up to @theeastcoastdesi and @pinkzpassion for their beautiful brass styling.

Golden Wall Gallery – You can create a wall gallery and add golden items like mirrors, other wall accents, photo frames to bring out the colour in your home. Take a look at these pictures for reference.

Picture Courtesy –
Picture Courtesy : Maison Du Monde

Golden furniture – Don’t freak out! I am not talking about buying golden sofas, chairs on tables. You can get accent furniture pieces with golden fabrication. If you follow my instagram account, you will see my dressing table and study table has golden knobs and legs. It looks subtle and yet adds a richness to a simple piece. Look at the below pictures for some inspiration

Picture Courtesy :
Picture Courtesy :
Picture Courtesy :

Brass planters – They are the rage right now and are easily available these days. And there is nothing better than bringing some plants to your house, right? Hit me up if you would like to compile some products from Indian websites.

Picture Courtesy : West Elm

Washroom – Why should we leave washroom behind? If you are planning to redo your washroom, you can opt for golden accessories. Although they will cost a bit, but the look is going to be worth it.

Picture Courtesy :
Picture Courtesy : Southshoredecoratingblog

Do tell me how you liked this blog and any topics that you would like me to cover.

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