Decorate your home on a budget

To me, decorating is cathartic. I get immense joy in creating a beautiful corner and changing my environment. The best thing about decorating your house is that it needn’t be expensive. You can also reuse the same products in different ways to give different looks. I have made a list of few budget items that you can buy without feeling any guilt. So, here are my pick of items

Cushion Covers – You can add those much-needed pops of colour to your simply by throwing some beautiful cushions. Best part is that you can use them anywhere like your bedroom, living room or even make a cozy floor seating using them.

Here is a beautiful pastel-coloured floral set that is perfect for sunny days and spring time. I am crazy about florals and this set is all hearts. You can buy it here

Get this set for Rs. 500 at Amazon.

Here is another set that is more traditional in its look. The Ikat design and beautiful yellow and turquoise and add charm to an otherwise dull place. Click on this link to buy these cushion covers for your house

This set is available on Amazon at Rs. 550

If you are looking for solid cushion covers, these ones with pom poms can be a great addition. You can get them here

They are available at Rs. 285 per piece

Flowers can really bring life to any space. You can use a beautiful vase to further character to your space. I have selected vases with different materials and textures for a wider range of choice.

But this charming glass flower vase at

Available at Amazon for just Rs. 399

I can’t tell you how trending Rattan is right now. These Rattan vases can add a rustic feel to your house that will radiate warmth. You can buy them at

This set is available for Rs 450 at Amazon and is a total steal

For a more traditional home, you can pick this vase. The shape and colour are just perfect to bring out the beauty in your ethnic Indian home. You can buy it at

Available at Amazon for Rs. 600

If vintage decor is more thing, here are my top picks for you.

Decorate your walls with vintage posters and wall art. This particular one stole my heart and is available at

This gorgeous wall art is a steal at Rs. 265 on Amazon

Decor is all about little things and these little paraphernalia can really bring out the vintage vibes at your house.

Click here to buy this miniature hand pump

Get it for Rs. 329

For the music lovers, this little gramophone can be the perfect addition. You can get here.

This beauty is available at just Rs. 337

So guys, that’s all for today. I will keep sharing such finds with you all. Until then, Buh bye ! Happy decorating !

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