How to style your home with Accent Chairs

When we were doing up our house, I had a lot of ideas playing on my mind. However, I was pretty sure about one thing and that was to have accent chairs in my rooms. After all, they are statement pieces and are so cozy. I could stop dreaming about spending my lazy days lounging on them. They are both decorative as well as functional.

Accent chairs are a good option if you want to perk up the look of your room without making too many changes or spending too much money. You can choose a bright, striking color to bring focus to that area of your room. Or, you can go in for muted colours if you want to maintain the colour palette. Secondly, you can accessorise it in so many ways and give your house a new look. If you have been itching to do something similar, here are a few ideas that can help you decorate with a new accent chair.

  • Choose a bold and striking colour.
Image Credit : Pinterest

A bold colour like mustard yellow or orange can instantly draw attention and is easier to style

  • Up against a gallery wall – This is perfect if you want to decorate your personal space with personal photos.
Picture Credit : Pinterest

Accent chair in muted colours may require more styling efforts and I am digging the theme going on here

Alternatively, you can create bright, bold colours if you carry a boho streak like I do 🙂

Image Credit : Pinterest

You can easily create a similar wall gallery with Canvas prints

Here is another one for more inspo.

image Credit : Pinterest

Let yourself loose and use as many colours as you want

  • A floral accent chair is a statement piece in itself and will require minimal styling
Image Credit : Pinterest

Use throws and cushions to further give a character to your accent chairs

  • Plants are never enough, right? You can use them to style your cozy corner and lounge here all day.
Image Credit : Pinterest

I love, love the way mirrors have been used here to decorate the bare wall in this Scandinavian design.

  • Wallpapers are so much fun – You can use a funk wallpaper to minimise your styling efforts and yet get a beautiful corner.
Image credit : Pinterest

I am loving the pastel theme going on here and that lamp shade is pure love.

Here is another one.

Image Credit : Pinterest

And that’s a wrap. Do let me know if you have any queries. I will be more than happy to help.

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