Key finds at Nordstrom Home Collection

The sale season is upon us and there is no better way to spend a lazy Sunday than shopping your heart out. I recently came across the enviable Home collection at Nordstrom. Now, I always look for pieces that stand out and give a more personal touch to my house. While scanning this website, I came across so many such items that I wanted to grab them with both my hands. Don’t believe me? Here, take a look at a few that had me drooling all over them.

Pineapple Wind Chime

If you follow my picture blog @sheercurtain on Instagram, you would know my love for pineapples. This Pineapple Wind Chime caught my instant attention and is all things love. The gorgeous yellow colour will surely brighten up any space.

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Faux Fur Kitty Accent Pillow

This is for all the feline lovers out there. This pillow is crafted in candy colours and is cute beyond explanation. This smiling kitty pillow can spread some good deal of feminine energy in your space. It will look equally good in your little girl’s room.

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Pacifica Trinket Tray

I fell in love with these pastel-colored trays. The golden palm trees and the golden rim add a richness to the trays. You can use them on your study desk, dressing table or side tables to add a dash of soft colours.

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Set of 2 Bike Bookends

This item is as good for your library as it is for a gift. I prefer quirky bookends and this one has certainly made it to my list. It has a distressed finish and will add a lot of character to your study.

Image credit:

Hold Adjustable Vase

I know a lot of us are always looking for that perfect vase. This is a perfect find if you are looking for something neutral yet classy. You can lift the gold cage if you have flowers with longer stems. Isn’t that a win-win?

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Love Letter Art Print

I love art prints! Nordstrom has a pretty good collection of art prints. This particular one caught my eye and is gorgeous by all means. It is exquisite and will add the much-needed colour and personality to your bare walls.

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